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Besides comparing different crypto exchanges, we also provide coin predictions for 2021-2025. Our team of crypto experts reads daily the latest crypto news to provide you with some great insights. Our service is never financial advice, but you can use it your self and benefit from it.

Latest News

Join Web3Shot Quiz to Gain 20 Million $UW3S Rewards

According to the official announcement, Web3Shot Quiz launch the market on Dec 22, together with 20 million $UW3S rewards for participants. Users can go to, take part in a quiz and earn part of the 20 million free $UW3S tokens. To join the...

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Collective Learning on Web3Shot to Better Enter Web3

Want to better understand blockchain terminologies and technology? Hope to be a part in the Web 3 era? Don’t know what is AI, XR, IoT, and machine learning? Don’t worry. Web3Shot just launched the market on Dec 8th to provide a permissionless platform that bring web3...

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Where do you get your information from?
The crypto experts of are constantly searching for the latest news about cryptocurrency and are specialised in the blockchain and everything related.
Where can I buy cryptocurrency?
You can buy cryptocurrency at several exchanges. We reccomend using Binance, the biggest international crypto exchange
Can i buy crypto at
No, it’s not possible to buy crypto at, we only provide you of information about several cryptocurrency coins.
Which cryptocurrency will raise in price?
This is a difficult question to answer. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, many unexpected price increases or decreases can occur. We therefore strongly advise you to stay informed of the latest crypto news
Do you give financial advice?
No, does not provide financial advice. We can therefore in no way be held responsible for any loss of capital