Want to better understand blockchain terminologies and technology? Hope to be a part in the Web 3 era? Don’t know what is AI, XR, IoT, and machine learning? Don’t worry. Web3Shot just launched the market on Dec 8th to provide a permissionless platform that bring web3 experts, web3 startup, and web3 newbie for collective learning and better enter Web 3 era.


Web3Shot has made sure that the learning process is interested, easy-to-understand, and cohesive. In the platform, co-builder can contribute their expertise in the specified web3 field. Based on the input, Web3Shot will reorganize the knowledge into understandable quiz, rate the difficulty, and category the learning path. AI based engine could build personalize learning experience based on your expertise and learning activities. Web3Shot allocates ecosystem fund to reward the co-builder and boost the web3 adoption. Users can use the products such as quiz to learn and earn tokens. By the step by step, day by day learning, users should be able to master the knowledge and hands-on experience. More importantly, in this collective learning experience, users get support from others and financial rewards.

To better navigate the platform, the Passport is a necessity. Web3Shot Passport is ERC721 NFT with maximum 100k amount. The first 10k will be minted free. Passport will not be able to be transferred, which is also called Soul Bound Token (SBT). The level of NFT will increase with your daily learning activities. Users will be able to use the Web3Shot Passport across Web3 applications.

Web3Shot aims to build a learning platform for massive web3 adoption, providing interesting Learn-to-Earn products and onboarding infrastructures for users and businesses to enter the new world of web3. Web3Shot classifies knowledge into different quizzes, which creates a skill tree. Users can follow different topics and become a specialist or a generalist. Featured quizzes are like, introduction to blockchain, layer2, cross-chain, DeFi, etc. A streamlined educational system is adopted, which combines immersive learning and inquiry-based learning, including gamified learning experiences that impart Web3 concepts in the Learn-to-Earn platform, Web3 emulation experiences that engage users in popular crypto sectors and hot crypto projects, along with innovative content, including UGC videos, community formed DAOs to enrich the learning experience and reduce the learning curve for users in a fun and engaging way.

The visionary Web3Shot has a grand mission, to empower everyone with no cryptocurrency experience to understand the technology, earn cryptocurrency, and have the professional skills to get into web3 world. In addition, expert or any organization can build web3 knowledge bases together on the Web3Shot platform. With the users and experts, a vibrant community can be formed, together with permission-less and reciprocity and an ecosystem of community-owned economies.

In the coming months, Web3Shot plans to scale solutions to facilitate strong user growth, expand to global market and achieve better personal learning experience enhanced by AI algorithm. With the easy-to-use Learn-to-Earn product and other gamified learning experiences, Web3Shot wishes to onboard billions of users to web3 world and become one of the largest Web3 communities.