Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum Price PredictionCurious about the current Ethereum price? On this page we share the latest Ethereum news and give tips on buying Ethereum. You’ll also find the latest Ethereum price forecast from our experts.

Buy Ethereum | The best Ethereum Exchanges

The general public knows Ethereum as the counterpart to Bitcoin. In addition to the technology described above, it is also a cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for (digital) goods. So how can you buy Ethereum?

As with buying Bitcoin, you can use various exchanges. Some providers offer the possibility to exchange euros directly into Ethers: the currency. Of course, it is also possible to trade other cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) for Ethers.

A complete explanation about Ethereum | What is Ethereum?

Ethereum (actually “ethers”) became known primarily as a cryptocurrency, but encompasses more than that. Ethereum also offers the option of implementing applications. These are written in the “Solidity” programming language. Software for the blockchain is written in this programming language.

With Solidity and Ethereum it is possible to create smart contracts. Such a contract records transactions within the blockchain and can perform pre-programmed transactions. At a certain trigger, an order can be sent.

Thus, the blockchain is not just for recording money transactions. Messages sent and received can also be stored. Important documents can be immortalized there. Ethereum is convenient because no intermediary is required to check and approve transactions. The blockchain does that itself. If the conditions of a contract are not met, the contract is invalid and the described orders are not executed.

The pro’s and cons of Ethereum

The main advantage of Ethereum is that the transaction time is much shorter. Payments and other transactions are (approved) faster. In addition, the platform is based on blockchain technology. With this technology so-called DAPPs (decentralized applications) can be built and started. Using the blockchain these apps run on a decentralized platform. The advantage is that in this way these applications are not under the control of any individual or authority.

Applications running via blockchain and Ethereum are immune to corruption and unwanted modifications. In addition, no one has exclusive power to take DAPPS offline. As a result, there is no downtime.

Ethereum does have some drawbacks: one major drawback is that Ethereum has no clear purpose. Bitcoin, for example, is primarily meant to be a ledger, while Ethereum also wants to be a supercomputer and a generator of smart contracts. Although it gives Ethereum a lot of flexibility, it is less optimized for specific purposes.

In addition, there are not yet many useful tutorials and documentation to get you started with Ethereum. If you want to do more with it than just pay, and thus develop DAPPS, you are often on your own. The documentation is often dated or limited. This is because this platform is still relatively new. So developing a contract or application yourself is still a fairly complicated job.

The price prediction of Ethereum for 2021 till 2025 | Ethereum Forecast

The developers behind Ethereum continue to improve the platform. This is why “Ethereum 2.0” was also announced: an improved version of the existing platform. In interviews, the developers say they are confident that the second version will come out in 2020.

Ethereum 2.0 promises an even higher transaction speed. In addition, it intends to use Proof-of-Stake as a consensus model. Strike contracts are a long-awaited feature of this new version.

The idea is that staking will become an integral part of the Ethereum network. With Proof-of-Stake, owners of the currency can lend Ethers for a set period of time. The minimum number of Ethers to strike is about 32, worth about 6500 euros. The utility of staking coins is to validate transactions on the network. It thus contributes to the security of Ethereum as a platform and cryptocurrency as a means of payment. For lending the coins, the owner receives a fee.

Investors look forward to Proof-of-Stake because they expect a high return on investment (ROI). They have many coins to lend and expect to receive high fees for lending the coins back. According to the Ethereum team, there is room for millions of validators. It is expected that about 10 percent of all available Ethers will be used to strike.

Ethereum price forecast

In 2018, Ethereum grew the fastest. The idea of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) appealed to many investors. It indicated how certain funds are raised to set up a new coin. In other words, to bring a new company or technology to market. It provided a great value for Ethereum.

Around 2019, it was thought that the price for Ethers would overtake the price of Bitcoin. That did not happen and the popularity of ICOs declined. As the coin was used for a number of scam cases, further interest waned and the platform gained a less-than-perfect image.

This does not mean that in 2020 Ethereum is worthless or that all hope is lost. New developments are still being actively pursued and Ethereum is still achieving high positions in the coin market caps. Especially with the expected arrival of Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum price expectations are high again. The price is expected to rise when the Proof-of-Stake concept is introduced on the platform. It provides a form of passive income that does not require mining equipment, but only a wallet with Ethers in it.

Because development is still going on, the forecast for the Ethereum price expectation seems very positive. It radiates confidence that the project is still being developed, despite the setbacks that the developers have had to overcome.

Nevertheless, we must also give an objective warning: past results are no guarantee for the future and ask yourself who has an interest in the Ethereum predictions. Those who give a positive Ethereum forecast could benefit from the price rising because they have invested in it themselves. So it remains to make your own trade-offs and realize that trading in any crypto currency involves risk.

Ethereum Price | Now and in the future

The Ethereum exchange rate has experienced strong growth in recent times. Currently, Ethereum can be found in the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies coins in the world. At the time of writing, Ethereum has a market value of over 206 billion Dollars, a market value that is still rising strongly.

There are 114,686,335 Ethereum coins in circulation, most of which are traded on the Binance exchange. On the Binance exchange it is also possible to keep an eye on the current Ethereum price.

In recent times Ethereum has often been in the news in a positive way, this has had a positive influence on the Ethereum price and price. Thus, many hold it for the long term.

To stay informed of the most current Ethereum price, we recommend you keep a close eye on this page. Here you will find, among other things, an Ethereum price chart that shows the history of the Ethereum price.

The market cap of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin is still small, which may mean that the price can still rise a lot when the market value increases. The maximum number of ETH that will be released is unknown.

The latest Ethereum news and price expectations

Every month we try to bring you up to date with the latest current news surrounding Ethereum. So that you have a better idea of the ETH expectation over the long term. It’s good to be aware of the price, but it’s more important to be aware of the latest developments, roadmap and other things going on. This way you can better anticipate the Ethereum price forecast of 2021, 2022 and beyond. Below you can see the current Ethereum price.