Neo Price Prediction

Neo Price PredictionCurious about the current Neo price? On this page we share the latest Neo news and give tips on buying Neo. You’ll also find the latest Neo price forecast from our experts.

Buy Neo | The best Neo Exchanges

Do you want to buy NEO? Then there are several websites where this can be done. Above you will find the best exchanges to buy or sell NEO. Bitvavo is one of the largest exchanges in the Netherlands and our favorite because of its user-friendliness and convenience. Conveniently, Bitvavo allows you to pay with iDEAL. This way you have immediate access to NEO and can buy and sell from the wallet on the website. For a transaction at Bitvavo there is a maximum fee of 0.25% trade costs.

You can buy NEO at Bitvavo by logging into your account, or creating an account at You can then transfer euros to your Bitvavo wallet using one of 8 payment methods. Users can use iDEAL and Bancontact, among others. Euros are then transferred directly to the account. Bitvavo allows you to exchange euros for NEO next. You can then trade the currency, keep it and use it as a means of payment or easily sell it when it has risen. Read more below about the different pros and cons and the new developments going on with NEO.

A complete explanation about Neo | What is Neo?

NEO is a cryptocurrency developed for e-commerce. In fact, Internet commerce now has many setbacks and also has to deal with different types of currencies. Internet trading also brings scams. Buyers and sellers often do not abide by the sales agreements, which quickly leads to disagreements. With the help of Smart Economy, there is no need to involve a third party and everything can be digitally streamlined in a good way. This is because it is carried out using smart contracts, which the company behind the cryptocurrency uses.

So NEO has smart contracts, but also the ability to run decentralized apps. These are also called dApps. These dApps ensure that checks are made at lightning speed and transactions are automated. Without giving away too much of an identity, buying and selling can continue. Nobody can get out from under the sales agreements and safe international trade can take place. The only thing that remains to be done is to ship the articles. The buyer does not lose money until everything is actually in hand.

In addition to NEO, GAS is also being used on the network. GAS is the fuel for the smart contracts and works according to the Proof of Stake principle. Solutions and the creation of blocks on a blockchain are thereby rewarded. Everyone who helps to expand the blockchain receives a number of tokens, which in turn can be used to make new payments. So you are not rewarded on the basis of the contributed processing power, but on the basis of the innovations and developments that ensure that the cryptocurrency is continuously improved. This also means that the company does not have to spend a lot of extra money to achieve successes.

The pro’s and cons of Neo

NEO, as a cryptocurrency, brings with it many advantages. This is because the cryptocurrency focuses specifically on the trading economy, which opens up new possibilities. Not only does the payment system play a major role, as with Bitcoin, but also everything behind it. The digital assets must ultimately ensure that products and services are traded in a secure manner and everyone can make purchases and sales in a secure manner. To do this, the merchandise is digitized and is linked to one or more owners to do the job.

In doing so, an identity system is also available on NEO’s network. Thus, the identity must be made known on the e-commerce network in order to make the sale. For this, the company has prepared a white paper, which states that identity verification must be done. This also brings with it the disadvantage that the cryptocurrency does not remain completely anonymous. For e-commerce, however, it does provide a trusted environment. With the help of smart contract, the identity can be partially hidden again and there is a purchase agreement that all parties must comply with. The automatic check makes it much faster immediately.

When you start looking at the disadvantages of NEO it is mainly because of the anonymity. Staying anonymous is the reason for many people to get started with cryptocurrency. People want to make an investment, but do not want these ‘shares’ to be made known. When working with a verification, such as identity verification, many people do have some form of restraint. However, this does not detract from the possibilities it opens up. Also, there are still steps to be taken to see if everything will work as it should.

The price prediction of Neo for 2021 till 2025 | Neo Forecast

It is therefore wise to start looking at NEO’s price forecasts. The prices vary every time. The price fluctuations have to do with the popularity of the currency. The more people use it, the higher the prices will be. Mainly in the beginning this was very visible. The prices rose enormously and ensured that there were already profits to be made. However, there are also people who found it risky, which caused the fluctuations.

NEO does have a higher price for the future. If e-commerce continues to develop, more people will start using this payment option. Experts therefore expect that this cryptocurrency could become one of the most popular coins. However, it cannot be completely determined. Several crypto currencies have already shown that price fluctuations cannot be avoided and that there are also regular sharp declines.

Neo Price | Now and in the future

The NEO exchange rate has experienced strong growth in recent times. Currently, NEO can be found in the top 50 largest cryptocurrencies coins in the world. At the time of writing, NEO has a market value of over 2 billion Dollars, a market value that is still rising strongly.

There are 70,538,831 NEO coins in circulation, most of which are traded on the Binance exchange. On the Binance exchange it is also possible to keep an eye on the current NEO price.

The past period NEO has often been in the news in a positive way, this has had a positive influence on the price of NEO. This way many hold on to it for the long term.

To stay informed about the most current NEO price, we recommend you to keep an eye on this page. Here you will find, among other things, a NEO price chart that shows the history of the price NEO.

The market cap of NEO compared to Bitcoin is still small, which can mean that the price can still rise a lot when the market value increases. The maximum number of NEO that will be released is 100 million.

The latest Neo news and price expectations

Every month we try to bring you up to date with the latest current news around Neo. So that you can have a better idea of the Neo expectation over the long term. It’s good to be aware of the price, but it’s more important to be aware of the latest developments, roadmap and other things going on. This way you can better anticipate the Neo price forecast of 2021, 2022 and beyond. You can see the current Neo price below.