With the emergence of popular NFTs, NFTs are becoming mainstream. The infrastructure serving NFTs grew at a rapid pace and numerous NFT trading platforms and analytics tools launch the market, further promoting the concept and raising public attention.

In spite of this rapid growth, NFTs are still facing challenges, such as the low liquidity due to the low accessibility and lack of utility of NFTs, poor price discovery and valuation occur when an NFT lacks liquidity, the inability of existing fragmented platforms to address both floor-priced NFTs and the liquidity of rare NFTs, and an upper limit on the price of NFTs while preventing ideal valuation based on the properties of individual NFTs, which is caused by the insufficient number of NFTs in the NFT AMM liquidity pool. To address the series of problems, ShredN is launching the market.

ShredN is a protocol dedicated to perfectly solve the low liquidity problem of NFTs and to set up different liquidity solutions for different types of NFTs. Unlike other NFT fragmentation or NFT AMM protocols, ShredN sets different liquidity solutions for different types of NFTs (ERC-721 or ERC-1155). Also, the ShredN protocol will distinguish different ERC-721 IDs, allowing NFTs with different attributes to achieve fair valuations based on their rarity traits.

To stand out in the market, there are some features that make ShredN unique. First of all, the ShredN protocol covers a variety of liquidity solutions, including fragmentation, NFT AMM, and the creation of trading strategies for NFT traits. Through Shredn users can choose the right solution for their individual needs. In order to make the price discovery of NFTs smoother and more liquid, ShredN will aggregate all existing NFT liquidity solution platforms. Moreover, the Multi-chain function is in line with the trend of the market. ShredN’s vision is to enable all NFTs to unlock and access liquidity. To this end, ShredN will support all public chains where NFTs exist.  In addition, community members can vote to manage the NFT projects that exist on ShredN, decide the direction of ShredN, and work together to develop NFT liquidity solutions.

In the coming months, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon network support will be in place, along with NFT shard trading, ERC-721 shard trading and ERC-721 NFT AMM.  With the rise of NFTs, ShredN will encounter a great market. With its vision and targeted solution, ShredN will thrive.