To help crypto companies and DAOs recruit the most capable people and attract more professionals into the market, Connex has been playing an important role in this space.

Being a platform that gathers related information in a decentralized way, and with the aim of building a permissionless, open, and collaborative Web3 professional network, Connex has helped connect with Web3 talents, providing a chance for all to become a part of the growing web3.

Currently, various of technology companies and DAO started to work and collaborate with Connex, using Connex as their recruitment platform. With the new cooperation with Connex, companies and DAOs, including Crypto Solution, Crypto Whale Global, LandoCommunity, and veDAO, has successfully recruited the best Web 3 candidate and professional for their communities.

In Connex, talents can update their CV with token incentives, and Connex could integrate on-chain credentials with their uploaded CV. Connex is linking candidates’ off-chain experience with their on-chain experience and enabling users to connect based on tokens they hold, whether that’s through NFTs, DAO membership, or investments. Through its tokenomics, Connex is turning participants into owners and incentivizing users to engage in the platform and grow their blockchain networks.

Moreover, with on-chain and off-chain personal credentials, Crypto Companies, social DAOs, protocol DAOs, NFT-gated DAOs, investment DAOs, and more are attracted to the platform and further boost people’s adoption. These on-chain and off-chain integrated credentials help people to create their own web3 professional community.

Integrity is highlighted in the Connex system. The platform is designed to reward high integrity and proof of fraud. CONX can be used for rewarding people who upload their CVs with high integrity or rewarding people who get the most views and likes. People who prove the additional credit of CV and KOL who create circles on Connex and share their valuable views about the circle topics are also welcomed by the platform.

Since its launch, the initial Job Market and Talents Market has already helped talents and companies match better and boost the career and community development. In the coming stage, Connex will develop decentralized storage, company subscription, and professional circle. Advertisement Governance as well as on-chain and off-chain loyalty integration and talents subscription will be followed later.

With the booming industry, the initiative of creating a platform to connect professionals and industry is visionary. In true Web3 style, Connex utilizes cutting-edge web3 tokenomics to incentivize participation. With the vision of Connex, young crypto natives can network with other Web3 professionals, empowering the youth and boosting the industry.