In the DeFi field, DEX is the key infrastructure, and their applications are always the first few apps to launch a public chain. The great amount of DEX applications has caused fragmentation of liquidity to a large extent, making users difficult to identify suitable trading pairs on different public chains and different DEXs.

Since launch in 2020, TitanSwap has been working towards bringing together trades across various decentralized finance platforms into one location. With years of accumulation, TitanSwap is aiming to become the leading DEX aggregator and de-financialization center.

So far, TitanSwap has been saving time for the users and increasing efficiency for trades. For end-users, TitanSwap provides a unified entry so that users can enjoy the operating experience close to that of centralized exchanges, saving they time and effort to learn about smart contracts, AMM, slippage, and how to add networks in MetaMask etc.

TitanSwap team have been innovating on various technology and methods to offer users the best experience possible. With their technology, they can discover the liquidity pool that can realize the trading pair based on the user’s trading pair, simultaneously compare the prices and slippages of different liquidity pools, and then select the best trading pool to complete the transaction. With the Automation Order Flow, the foundation for broad use cases has been built, like other rich order types, automating arbitrage executions. Also, based on the user’s order size and trading pairs, TitanSwap automatically routes the order based on user interest, the best price, and the lowest slippage. This Smart Route function is still under optimization for better gas and good finalization.

Specifically, the more DEXs aggregated, the more public chains they support, and the smarter the routing algorithm, the better the DEX aggregator can meet customers’ needs for optimal transaction prices and minimal slippage. At present, TitanSwap has aggregated the liquidity of multiple DEXs on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and the total liquidity after aggregation has exceeded 19 billion US dollars, which is impressive to the market.

TitanSwap is still aggregating more chains and DEXs and is proactively developing the L1/L2 main chain. With time, TitanSwap can play a greater role in the DeFi system and lead a new generation of aggregator platform.