TRON Price Prediction

TRON Price PredictionCurious about the current TRON price? On this page we share the latest TRON news and give tips on buying TRON. You’ll also find the latest TRON price forecast from our experts.

Buy TRON | The best TRON Exchanges

Do you want to buy Tron? Then there are several websites where this can be done. Above you will find the best exchanges to buy- or sell Tron. Bitvavo is one of the largest exchanges in the Netherlands and our favorite because of its user-friendliness and convenience. Conveniently, Bitvavo allows you to pay with iDEAL. This way you have immediate access to Tron and can buy and sell from the wallet on the website. A transaction at Bitvavo is subject to a maximum trading fee of 0.25%.

You can buy TRX at Bitvavo by logging into your account, or creating an account at You can then transfer euros to your Bitvavo wallet using one of 8 payment methods. Users can use iDEAL and Bancontact, among others. Euros are then transferred directly to the account. Bitvavo allows you to exchange euros for Tronn next. You can then trade the currency, keep it and use it as a means of payment or easily sell it when it has risen. Read more about the different pros and cons and the new developments going on at Tron (TRX) below.

A complete explanation about TRON | What is TRON?

Tron is a cryptocurrency that works based on blockchain technology. The developers envisioned a token that could be used to develop decentralized apps. Media content should also be shared with it. To access certain functions of software, you can once again deploy the tokens. Unlike other crypto currencies, you can only use the tokens on the network. However, there are possibilities to trade it with a certain value. Thus, you could also think of it as a virtual currency and your investment is worth more than you initially thought.

Tron was developed in 2017, making it still one of the new crypto currencies on the market. Initially, it was an ERC-20 token, which is supported by Ethereum. Since 2018, it has turned into an independent token, after which more changes also took place. For example, the company also acquired BitTorrent, which can be used to exchange files. With this, the crypto’s price also immediately shot up. However, various changes have caused the price to drop again. This has brought new investors to the network.

Tron was also developed to be able to skip the middlemen. After all, the major platforms have many conditions, which would also create restrictions. The viewers of the content can use the token to get started via the network and are rewarded with new tokens. Your personal data is not released with this. Thus, third parties cannot exercise control and your data will never just end up on the street. The transactions you place are also not traced back to you. You always have enough possibilities and choices.

The pro’s and cons of TRON

Tron is a completely decentralized system, where third parties have no chance. You are therefore assured of security and anonymity at all times. This anonymity is only to a certain extent. The transactions must be verified, which requires a number of basic details. After the transactions have been completed, you can be rewarded based on your viewing behavior and interests. This is also done using tokens. Your balance is thus also partly replenished by helping to develop the network.

Tron also has a high transaction speed. Where many cryptocurrencies need a few minutes to process transactions, this is different with Tron. You can be sure that the money will be in the recipient’s account almost instantly. You are also assured of lower transaction costs. Even with the small transactions you won’t lose a lot of money. Adding all these things together, you will quickly come to the conclusion that using this cryptocurrency will not disadvantage you.

However, you should keep in mind that Tron is still relatively new. Not all of its high ambitions have been realized yet and because of this many people have already switched back to other cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the developers have already shown that great strides have been made, which has resulted in a flying start. This has given the cryptocurrency a head start on other cryptocurrencies that came onto the market around the same time.

The price prediction of TRON for 2021 till 2025 | TRON Forecast

Price expectations are mixed. Experts feel that there is a lot of potential to be found with Tron, but at the same time the drop in prices also shows that the TRON crypto can be just as treacherous. The price fluctuations can be seen strongly, and this may become more frequent in the future as well. Nevertheless, it is wise to take the predictions of experts. They know when changes in the prices will occur and you can sell your crypto coins at the right time. In this way you also prevent losses and lose your investment in one fell swoop.

The price expectations of Tron also have to do with the partnerships that are made. Here the company did well to acquire BitTorrent, but more partnerships need to be made in the future to bring back popularity. This is because the positive news may also cause more people to become interested in the coins again. When this happens, and experts say this chance is very high, higher prices could also be on the horizon again. When this is the case, you can make as much profit as possible with only a low investment.

TRON Price | Now and in the future

The Tron exchange rate has experienced strong growth in recent times. Currently, Tron can be found at number 22 of largest crypto coins in the world. At the time of writing, Tron has a market value of over 2 billion dollars, a market value that is still rising strongly.

Considering the latest developments and the very positive Tron news in the media, the Tron price seems to be on the right track for the time to come.

There are 71,659,657,369 Tron coins in circulation, most of which are traded on the Binance exchange with a volume of 3.1%. On the Binance exchange it’s also possible to keep an eye on the current Tron price.

To stay informed of the most current Tron price, we recommend you to keep a close eye on Coinmarketcap. Here you will find a Tron price chart which shows the history of the Tron price.

The market cap of Tron compared to Bitcoin is around 0.20%.

The latest TRON news and price expectations

Every month we try to bring you up to date with the latest current news surrounding Tron. So that you can have a better idea of the TRX expectation over the long term. It’s good to be aware of the price, but it’s more important to be aware of the latest developments, roadmap and other things going on. This way you can better anticipate the Tron price forecast of 2021, 2022 and beyond. You can see the current Tron stock price below.