Web 3.0 is Web 2.0 without centralized servers. It’s a serverless internet, a decentralized web managed by technology and coded rules to support individuals’ transactions and actions. Enlightened by the free internet and digital revolution, many innovators are starting to build their framework to embrace Web 3.0. Vibing is one of them. Different from other projects, Vibing is holding the hope of the common man in the era of big data.

Vibing is a Web 3.0 personal homepage built entirely on blockchain technology. It’s a complete platform for personal data generation and integration. Serving as the starting point for people looking to access the Web3 network, users are free to create their own cards with different roles and authorize access to cutting-edge decentralized applications with their different identities, accompanied by different information weights. In conclusion, Vibing is a safe and free starting space for users’ personal information.

Vibing is using blockchain as the underlying logic engine to provide the most stable, secure and convenient services in the Web 3.0 era. Unlike other blockchain economies, Vibing is a great attempt to enable the application and implementation of blockchain technology. Every user can understand and agree to this new model through a process of experience-create-benefit-acceptance, using blockchain as their tool and weapon, and being the first to join and use Web3.

There are some key innovative functions in Vibing. First of all, different Web3 planet access identities can be created through Vibing, including avatar, nickname, address, chain, and permission settings (nickname and avatar only, or asset type, or all information including asset type and corresponding quantity) Vibing also provides a list and overview of accounts, making it easy for users to manage, monitor and deploy their data and assets. In addition, Vibing will create the VBG Token at the beginning of the project, most of which will be integrated into Vibing’s ecology through smart contracts based on fair and effective governance rules. This completes the incentive part of the Web3 system, which is also an important part to lead the development of the ecology to a positive cycle through incentive stimulation.

In the coming months, product improvement and upgrades will be completed and Vibing will start exchange listing applications and complete support and expansion of mainstream multi-chains. With exchange listing, long-term partnerships with mainstream platforms, popular projects and investors are established, which can secure a more prosperous development of the Vibing ecosystem.