Wonder what crypto to buy now? What are the top 10 cryptocurrencies? What is the best crypto to invest in 2021? Cryptocurrencies have made a big come up in recent years. From Bitcoin to Ethereum to Dogecoin, there are hundreds, if not thousands of cryptocurrencies. Are you looking at what crypto to buy today? This can get a little overwhelming, so in this article we will go over what cryptocurrencies actually are, and look at the top cryptocurrencies so you know what crypto to buy, and what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

What are cryptocurrencies?

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin before, and the fact that it has reached $50,000+, but what exactly is it? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency can be defined as a digital currency in the form of tokens. They can be used to buy goods and services, but trading them for profit is also a popular choice. The ‘crypto’ in cryptocurrency is a reference to the cryptographical algorithms that are required to keep the transactions and the blockchain going.

The blockchain is a technology that allows cryptocurrencies to be decentralized. Cryptocurrencies were designed to be free from a central authority, making them free from government manipulation or interference. However, we will be saving the technical jargon, and instead go more in-depth about what crypto to buy and which is the best crypto to invest in. First, let’s look at the top crypto advantages. 

Advantages of cryptocurrency

There are no banking fees, because transactions are done peer-to-peer. This means that users can transfer funds to each other, without a third party in the middle, like a bank or other financial institutions. This can allow users to avoid fees that banks usually charge. Next to that, cryptocurrencies are extremely secure. With proper security, it is pretty much impossible to get hacked. 

Finally, because cryptocurrencies are getting very popular, we can expect the prices to rise in the long term, making crypto a good choice for investors. We will go over the best crypto to invest in, so you can make up your mind about what crypto to buy today.


Top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in: What’s the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

We often get asked: what are the top 10 cryptocurrencies? Below we have listed the top 10 cryptocurrency to invest in. These are all top cryptos and the largest cryptocurrencies. Continue reading to find out what crypto to buy now.

10 – Neo (NEO)

NEO is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014, and is the biggest cryptocurrency in China. It is a strong competitor of Ethereum, because they have similarities, such as being a platform for smart contracts and launching ICOs. This is why NEO is currently quite a popular altcoin. They are also quite busy with projects and developments on their cryptocurrency. Recently, they have released version N3, which improves the development experience and transaction speeds. Experts are positive about the future of NEO, both on the short term and the long term. NEO has an all-time high price of $187, but many experts believe that it can even go as high as $500 in 2025. Seeing that NEO is quite low at the moment, this is an enormous increase, which makes NEO a very good crypto to buy now if you are looking at what crypto to buy now.

Pros of NEO:neo coin

  • NEO is very efficient: it can complete up to 10,000 transaction per second, which is a huge increase compared to other cryptocurrencies;
  • NEO allows developers to write crypto apps in many different languages, like C#, Java, C++, Python, and Go;
  • The price has a lot of room to grow, and huge potential, making it one of the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Cons of NEO:

  • NEO is largely dependent on the support of the Chinese government. If the Chinese government comes out with bad regulations or policies, this can make the price of NEO drop considerably.

9 – Monero (XMR)

Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable currency system. It was launched in 2014, and quickly rose in popularity among traders and enthusiasts. Monero has a strong focus on privacy and scalability. They use cryptographic algorithms to ensure that all transactions are untraceable. Many people value their privacy, which is why it’s easy to see why this coin has gotten popular, and continues to become one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in. They are also constantly busy with new developments and projects, which you can find on their website.

One thing that also sets them apart from others, is their interaction with the community, which gains the trust of many. There is a reason why Monero is a top 10 cryptocurrency to invest in. Many traders and experts have positive views on the future of Monero, with some saying that it can go up to $1,000 by 2025 in the long-term and even $500 by 2022 in the short-term. Wondering what crypto to buy today? Check out Monero, for you it might be the best crypto to buy.

Pros of XMR:

  • Monero has one of the best privacy features of any cryptocurrency, and transactions cannot be linked;
    monero coin
  • If you choose to do so, you can make your transactions visible to the person of your choice, which makes Monero auditable;
  • Monero’s mining algorithm is faster than other coins such as Bitcoin.

Cons of XMR:

  • It is relatively difficult to use Monero on your phone. While you can hold other coins easily on your phone on certain apps, many are still working on adding Monero;
  • Does not have as many uses as other coins, the main use of Monero currently is anonymization.   

8 – Chainlink (LINK)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The LINK token is part of Chainlink, which is a type of blockchain technology. This technology allows for decentralized smart contracts, while maintaining the security and reliability of blockchain. On their website, they have a blog where they announce all new developments and projects that they are working on. While they do make developments every now and then, unfortunately it is a bit slow. Many experts have done analysis on Chainlink, and found that it definitely has potential to grow big in the future. The average prediction is that it might cross $100 during 2022, and in the long-term it may reach $225 by  2024, making it one of the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Pros of LINK:

  • Because of its technological capabilities and future goals, LINK tokens are a great investment tool;chainlink logo
  • Chainlink allows for secure interactions between smart contracts;
  • Chainlink works together with big companies like Google and SWIFT, which may make them more reliable.

Cons of LINK:

  • Many people question whether Chainlink is actually useful for their projects;
  • Low development speed compared to other cryptocurrencies.

7 – Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is one of the first altcoins on the market and one of the largest cryptocurrencies. It is seen as a ‘lighter’ version of Bitcoin, as well as one of the top crypto altcoins. Litecoin is an appealing alternative to Bitcoin, because of improved algorithms making it faster and cheaper to use.

While Bitcoin is still more popular, Litecoin is definitely one of the top 10 cryptos and one of the best crypto to buy. They have also been making developments, which you can read about on their blog. These developments include the ability to buy NFTs with Litecoin, and general improvements to their codebase. Litecoin is a good crypto to buy now. Many traders and investors believe that it will undoubtedly grow in the future. They believe that LTC can reach $500 by the end of 2022, and even higher in the long-term.

Pros of LTC:Litecoin ogo

  • Litecoin is extremely reliable: it was released around the same time as Bitcoin and is trusted by millions;
  • It is also very fast. While Bitcoin can take many minutes to process a transactions, Litecoin can process one within 2 minutes;
  • Another reason it is so popular is due to its low transaction fees, especially when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Cons of LTC:

  • Litecoin has lost a bit of its credibility, due to the developer selling his LTC holdings of Litecoin when it reached a peak in 2017;
  • Litecoin used to be very popular for its speed and low costs, but there are many alternatives now, which is why it’s not special anymore.

6 – Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is a DeFi token, and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. DeFi stands for decentralized finance, this is a blockchain based form of finance that does not rely on third parties like brokerages or banks. Basically, Uniswap allows its users to easily swap between cryptocurrencies. Uniswap is always busy with new developments and projects to improve the experiences of its users. You can read about these on their blog. These developments add support for other technologies, like Ethereum’s EIP-1559. People looking at what crypto to buy today, may be interested in this.

It is no doubt that we can expect Uniswap to keep growing in price in the future. Various crypto experts have made predictions about Uniswap, and the outlook is generally quite positive. On the short-term we may expect it to reach around $200. In 2025, this could go even higher.

Pros of Uniswap:Uniswap logo

  • The platform of Uniswap is extremely easy to use, and does not require any identity verification;
  • As DeFis are getting more popular, we can expect Uniswap to rise in price in the next few years;
  • Swap all ERC-20 tokens with ease.

Cons of Uniswap:

  • Transactions costs can get very high;
  • Uniswap may not be as decentralized as it looks.

5 – Polkadot (DOT)

Wondering about the best crypto to buy? Consider Polkadot! Polkadot was launched in 2020, although it had been in development since 2016. Even though it launched later than other coins, it still managed to become a top 10 cryptocurrency, which is impressive. Polkadot is a cryptocurrency project with a main focus on decentralization, by allowing independent blockchains to exchange information. On the website of Polkadot, users can view their roadmap as well as developments and projects they have planned on their blog.

It seems that Polkadot is definitely making many developments to get on top and become the best cryptocurrency to buy now. We are very positive about Polkadot, it is a relatively new coin with many future developments planned, and the technology seems innovative. Experts are also optimistic, many predict that we will see increases of more than 300% by the end of 2022. If you are wondering about what crypto to buy now, this may be a good choice for you.

Pros of Polkadot:

  • Scalability: Polkadot allows for great scalability by spreading transactions across multiple blockchains. This way, Polkadot can easily achieve millions of transactions per second, which is extremely impressive;logo polkadot
  • Polkadot makes use of a governance system where all stakeholders have a say in the future of Polkadot, this reflects the values of the community;
  • Even though blockchains are able to operate together, their security is still reliable;

Cons of Polkadot:

  • Polkadot really needs to prove itself, because there are many alternatives;
  • In the early days, Polkadot was hacked twice and millions of dollars were stolen;


4 – Ripple (XRP)

Ripple was launched in 2012 as a digital network to carry out financial transactions all around the world, and as a cryptocurrency. It is seen as a protocol to rethink and reform payment delivery. Ripple was quickly able to manage to get into the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Ripple has a clear roadmap that shows where they want to go with the future of XRP. They are always looking for ways to innovate, and have partnered with companies like MoneyGram. Ripple is also planning to add a feature for smart contracts. These are essential for blockchains.

They definitely have big plans to become the best crypto to invest in 2021. Many experts can agree on one thing: XRP has not yet reached its full potential. They say that we can even expect growths as big as 2000% within the next few years. Realistically, we think that XRP can reach $5 by the end of 2022.

logo ripplePros of Ripple:

  • The robust system behind Ripple allows for fast transactions, going up to 1500 transactions per second, which also makes it highly scalable;
  • It is easy to get into XRP due to its low price and high market cap;
  • XRP has gained the support of big institutions like JP Morgan, Santander, and Bank of America

Cons of Ripple:

  • Many people may not see XRP as a decentralized currency because of its cooperation with financial institutions;
  • Ripple itself owns more than 50% of their XRP, this means that they have a lot of control over the price.


3 – Cardano (ADA)

Looking for what crypto to buy today? Cardano is a platform based on a proof-of-stake blockchain with the goal of improving smart contract deployments and resolving scalability issues within Bitcoin. It is also one of the first networks that was peer-reviewed. They even claim it was developed through evidence-based methods. They aim to provide security and sustainability. Their roadmap provides a clear view of their future plans. If you are interested in this token, you should definitely read through it.

They have 5 different goals that they are working on currently: foundation, decentralization, smart contracts, scaling, and governance. Cardano is part of our top 3 cryptocurrencies, and that is not without reason. We are very optimistic about its future, and if Cardano is able to realize their goals, we believe that the price could more than double by the end of 2021, and go even higher in the next few years, probably even reaching $20. So if you are wondering what crypto to buy now, this might be a strong choice.

Pros of Cardano:

  • Cardano gained a lot of popularity because it was founded by the co-founders of Ethereum;
  • It has gained a lot of credibility due to the fact that they work alongside academics who do research and peer-review Cardano;
  • Because Cardano uses multiple layers, it can be easy to solve scalability problems and provide quick transactions;cardano logo
  • Cardano uses the proof-of-stake algorithm. This replaces mining, and solves the problem of energy usage, which is better for the environment.
  • It is 100% decentralized.

Cons of Cardano:

  • Even though they have big plans for Cardano, it is still in development, and it is not going as fast as desired;
  • It has a very tough time beating Ethereum in terms of mainstream adoption.


2 – Ethereum (ETH)

Wondering what crypto to buy? Ethereum might be for you. Ethereum is one of the largest cryptocurrencies and belongs to the top 3 cryptocurrencies. However, Ethereum is a bit more complex than regular cryptocurrencies. It is not actually aiming to be a traditional cryptocurrency. Instead, they provide a platform for running decentralized apps and tokenized assets. Consequently, there are many tokens that are built on ETH, such as BAT, OMG, ZRX and a lot more.

Ethereum is also working on various developments to improve the scalability, security and sustainability of Ethereum. One recent important development is EIP-1559. What EIP-1559 does, is ‘burn’ a part of ETH during every transaction. This is good for investors, because it might lead to scarcity in the future, causing prices to go up. This might make it the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

We are very optimistic about Ethereum, and believe it is one of the best crypto to invest in 2021. Various experts have done technical analysis, and they predict that we can expect ETH to reach $10,000 by the end of 2022. Many even say that Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin in the long run. So if you are looking at what crypto to buy now, Ethereum could be a good choice as it is one of the best crypto to buy now.

Pros of Ethereum:

  • Because of their transparent roadmap, many people have trust in the future of Ethereum;
  • Ethereum supports smart contracts, decentralized apps and DeFi projects;
  • In the field of NFTs, ETH is the main token;
  • It has a large community of active developers, and they are all working on the security of Ethereum;
  • Due to EIP-1559, we can expect the price of Ethereum to go up in the long-term.

Cons of Ethereum:

  • Since Ethereum is gaining more popularity, the transaction costs are also rapidly rising;
  • Scalability problems: Ethereum can only process 15 transactions per second.


1 – Bitcoin (BTC)

When asked: what’s the best cryptocurrency to invest in? Many people think Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be seen as the father of all cryptocurrencies, because it is the world’s first cryptocurrency, and belongs to the top 3 cryptocurrencies, and is also number 1 of the largest cryptocurrencies. It was launched in 2009 and has since then revolutionized digital payments. It is by far the most widely adopted and used cryptocurrency.

It was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto who has written a paper on Bitcoin, and it is recommended that anyone who wants to know how Bitcoin works, reads it. You can find this paper on the official site of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has had a long history with many ups and downs, and even went higher than $50,000 which was never seen before in the history of cryptocurrencies. Many investors still believe that Bitcoin can go even higher, and even reach $1 million within five to ten years, making it a perfect investment for long term investors.

Pros of Bitcoin:

  • It is very accessible, and is probably the easiest cryptocurrency to buy;
  • Because there are only a finite amount of Bitcoins available, it has a very low risk of inflation;
  • You can almost certainly expect to make profit on the long-term;
  • Bitcoin is very liquid, meaning that it can very easily be traded against other assets.

Cons of Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin has a scalability problem, it can only handle about 7 transaction per second at the moment;
  • Many people believe that Bitcoin is only popular because it was the first.

Conclusion: What’s the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

The question was about what crypto to buy today. In this article, we looked at the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in. If you were looking for the best crypto to buy now, we hope that we were able to help you make that choice. We looked at the pros and cons of each coin, together with some predictions. We also saw that the top 3 cryptocurrencies consist of BTC, ETH, and ADA. Every crypto on the list is a top 10 cryptocurrency to invest in. However, at the end of the day, it is your money and it is up to you to decide what is the best crypto to invest in. So make sure you always do your own research before you actually decide what crypto to buy.